Boardtastic Skateboarding - magnificent in its beauty and sophisticated in design tricks on a skateboard. Try your hand and show all the art of using exercise equipment such as a skateboard. The game is available a half dozen different skateboards, sea and upgrades over thirty mind-blowing tricks! You can choose for your character clothing and different decorations.

Downhill Xtreme - you will become a true professional - skateboarder, who pulls off the steep and dangerous hills and slopes. The sooner you get over all the way - the more bonuses and get the attention of the public. The competitions take place in daylight and dark night. The creators have prepared interesting tricks, simple operation and high-quality 3D effects.

Stickman Skater Pro - is an amusing game in which you control a funny skateboarder. You need to slide on the rails and other obstacles. Similarly, you will fly over the ramp, with garbage cans, barrels of fuel oil and other trash lying, collecting road game bonuses. Management in the application is unusual: there are two buttons, one of which is responsible for the strength of the jump, and the second for speed. In this case, the rate depends not on how much you push the button, and on the number of times you're at it tapnete. Attached you will find five dozen levels in a random style and mode of competition in which you can play with a friend on a single device.