FRS SKI CROSS - racing simulator, which focuses on perhaps the most popular winter sport disciplines - downhill skiing. The developer of this game several times already happy all holders of Android devices

Ski Jump Giants 13 - you will, as it should be dispersed to ski the steep slope and jump as far as possible as you can. Strive to maintain until the final moment and only Tapan jump, to fly away and make the largest number of bonus points.

You suddenly disturbed avalanche when you were asleep and now you need to get away from it as far as possible, to again enjoy going to bed! Down the mountain you will not only skiing, but also to any living creatures encountered: penguins, eagles, Yeti ...

Go skiing or snowboarding on the snow-covered slopes of the game APO Snow. As winter many people go for the adrenalin to the mountains. However, you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy an extreme sport discipline in their gadgets. You will be able to perform such stunts super-duper, which in reality is almost impossible to fulfill. There's two characters - the girl and the boy snowboarder skier. You can still open and the other more famous athletes, spending on it means that you get for completing the game levels.

Ski Challenge 13 - This game is about skiing on Android. We descend downhill, right through corners, perform breathtaking jumps and try to reach the finish line first. Features: Five interesting, realistic looking ski slopes Two additional bonus tracks Excellent 3D-graphics with different weather conditions The achievement system-online.

Very realistic simulator jumping! You need to rush down at high speeds, try to resist the icy wind to keep the balance.