Antigravity Tetrix - created domestic programmer back in 1984 the good old Tetris incredibly quickly gained the recognition it deserves in the world. In fact, on any gaming console had versions of this legendary puzzle.

Block Crush - try to fill all the space game blocks of different colors that everything else have a different geometric shape. All colored blocks consist of several square elements.

Tsvetris - Color Tetris - the developers studio Ellerium Soft dramatically changed the gameplay of the legendary game, creating a new vision of the famous puzzle. But, as in the original version of the game

Sigils Of Elohim - in front of you again revived Tetris. All this Android app painfully familiar - turrets, figurines - all the user have to carefully and thoughtfully laid in a solid foundation.

Tetris Monsters - if you consider yourself to be a true fan of the classic Tetris and cute Pokemon, the developers studio EA Mobile has prepared for all Android users pretty entertaining game application

Brick Games - bright puzzle devices for Android, which takes you into the world familiar to many users of the legendary Tetris. It is nothing like a game collection, which focused more

School Tetris - this game will remind the user is the "Tetris" of the XX century, familiar to everyone. Here everything to the max is simple and clear, looking at the blocks, if necessary, turn over their

Color Cubes - Match 3 - dimensional Tetris for devices Android. Two popular games merged into one: at first glance familiar Tetris, but the rules of the genre as in puzzles, "three in a row" - came out quite interesting and quite playable

Gravity tetris 3D - the game will return the user in those early years, as soon excelled in the game world the real games that require the player to creativity and the desire to deal with the difficulties, without any high-quality graphics

Tetris Vector - worthy of attention to the extraordinary puzzle. This is a new approach to the world of Tetris! Do you have time to think about their actions and no rush. Interact with tetris-pieces, remove the maximum number of lines in order to improve their results. The game fully engages your intellectual abilities! If you consider yourself to be an ardent fan of the classic Tetris, then this game you will love it!