It is only in appearance kittens look cute and fluffy. But rather to any four-legged opponent to step on their land, as real carnage breaks out, where the course will claws, teeth and aggressive shouting - just like in a fun arcade Battle Cats. Good and ferocious characters, as it turned out, there are not only among the human race, but among those moving and harmless-looking kittens.

To win and create your empire you need to lead your troops and only just ahead! The game is based on medieval history, where it is necessary to fight the strong and cruel enemy. Hire soldiers, and buy them for a great defensive and offensive equipment. In the liberated cities, buy from the grateful citizens of bread and other food, to feed their units, to give them strength and energy.

Pirates! Showdown - fight pirates. Lift the anchor from the ocean depths, and go on a long journey, Lead your pirate fleet and conquer new lands. Try them all to prove you are the one who will manage the oceans. To do this, the player must go through a complex way. See the status of your fleet, build up his strength. When looking at the naval battles of the enemy weaknesses and develop your strategy. If your strategy is correct, then, even with a small fleet, we can get out of the battle victorious.