Learn to truly Wild West! And your enemies will pay for everything! Sojourn in truly limitless expanses of the Wild West, which had thoroughly full of thugs trying to destroy you, great puzzles, uncover which you and attracts more and more and more. Go past 40 heavy missions in which you happen to eat virtually anything that they feel the main characters Westerns: the untold racing, relentless shooting, guarding Fort Hill, and more! Igruha has a very nice story line and also is free!
Travel across the expanses of the Wild West, which is full of mysteries and dangers of enjoying the beautiful scenic landscapes. You can become a hero, having survived a great adventure. Fight and defeat dastardly bandits, bloodthirsty vampires, cunning witches and other creatures of darkness!
Guns Glory - a great game for Android, the action takes place in the Wild West in the middle of the XIX century. You have to become a bandit, he robs the Europeans, who intends to leave America with captured gold. You will need a gang of thugs to help in this matter.

The game take place in the 19th century, when the bandits captured one of the cities, a measure of Johnson's daughter was kidnapped and spread devastation across the country. You, as the main character Clive Gunman-and, restore order in the streets of the West and loose girl from the hands of bandits.