DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak

Arcade Adventures zombies


Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak - a solid Android action on the favorite theme of many developers - zombies. According to the plot, the user will have to go to the once crowded island, which as a result of a catastrophe in a secret laboratory turned into a hotbed of flesh eaters wandering around in the neighborhood in search of fresh human brains. The narrative line of the project to the banality is predictable, but the value of the novelty is not in it, but in the implementation of the game process, which without doubt is capable of giving odds to numerous analogues. So, in the role of a brave scientist, who in the past was a brave military, you need to establish the cause of what happened on the island of the apocalypse, as well as prevent the spread of the Z virus to the big earth. Since, given its contagiousness, this will lead to instantaneous spread of infection throughout the planet. Travel around the island, extract valuable data, destroy all the encounters. Also, your main mission is to search for DNA, which will allow you to develop an effective vaccine and cure all people who have become zombies. Each mission puts a specific task before the user, for example, to kill ten dead, to obtain valuable tools, to become the owner of secret information and so on. In the process of moving around the island, the protagonist will collect gains, first-aid kits, weapons, in short everything that is able, one way or another, to help solve the main game problem. The weapons arsenal in the project DEAD PLAGUE: Zombie Outbreak is surprisingly extensive, so sometimes gamers will face a choice of how to specifically take the brain to another incoming dead man.


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