Tournaments of amateurs and professionals, network fights, complex tests in qualifying battles and additional tests for dexterity, savvy and correct vision of the overall situation - the World Bowling Championship sports project for the Android platform from the mobirix studio offers users to look at the world of bowling from different sides and try to get out the winner From every intense match.

Chaos Fighter Kungfu Fighting - mobile Android fighting game, performed in colorful cartoon graphics, which absorbed all the best of the declared genre. The developer of the novelty is the studio HsGame Fans, which, although not capable of boasting of dozens of mobile products, but invariably attentive to the quality of its projects.

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike - a spectacular Android action from the guys from GS Games Studio, performed in a set of duels with cadastres, capturing the entire game world. In addition to their instincts, count, by and large, gamers in this project no longer on that.

Gladiators 3D - in this Android simulator, the user is to act as the Lanist, that is, the host of the gladiators - these are not ordinary mediocre gladiatorial fights, everything is much more complicated and more promising in terms of development. The gamer will have to go the long way of turning the ordinary lanist into the organizer of prestigious tournaments, the main audience of which will be the emperor himself.

World War ll Blitz - online strategy with multiplayer capabilities, sending users to the battlefield of World War II, which also found a place to use the collection cards. And, by and large, at this moment everything is tied up, but you can use the cards if certain conditions are met.

Hidden Objects: Circus is a colorful Android game, in the gameplay, which is dominated by actions to find items with a passing solution of puzzles of varying complexity. This freeware game from the studio Midva.Games will give users the opportunity to develop observation, visual memory and accuracy, because some items are hidden just fine.

Football Free Kick Club World Cup 17 - a casual sports Android arcade from the studio Best Sport Games - Soccer, representing the football "battles" an unusual competition to develop typical movements and penalty beats: the main goal is to take a high position in the global ranking, achieving exemplary performance and professionalism Performance.

Cartoon City 2: Farm to Town - turn a small village into a developed megalopolis, using for this a number of available gaming opportunities and tactical talents. Develop modern infrastructure, ennoble the streets, build residential and industrial facilities, in short, make sure that everyone in your virtual administrative unit feels the care and attention of the mayor.

Goodmorning! Zombie - an unusual Android project from the studio Hotfinger, which found a place and role-playing elements, and action, and strategy, and clicker. In addition to the fascinating gameplay, the novelty will please users with curious design of the game world, nice graphics in Pixel-Art format, high-quality animation and atmospheric melody that adheres to the general entourage.

IHUGU is a casual Android arcade with puzzle elements from the guys from Kool2Play sp z oo, for the successful passage of which users will need phenomenal visual memory. Quite unusual in this novelty is the gameplay, which consists in giving the surrounding people their embraces.

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