Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon 3 - oriented to the younger age-old Android audience casual game from the guys from TutoTOONS, in which little girls will be able to do their favorite thing - to bring their appearance in an ideal state.

AcroSplat: The Journey is an arcade Android puzzle game whose gameplay involves executing users' actions to collect colors of different colors in one container, adhering to a number of conditions and rules. To the visual design of the project there are no complaints - pleasing bright colors, quality animation and unpretentious melody that sounds throughout the player's decision of puzzles of increasing complexity.

Hunter's Moon - designed with a predominance of dark tones of the Android runner, which is complemented by spectacular fighting games. The developer of the new product is the studio Seb Woodland Games, for which this is only the first mobile project, so do not judge the guys strictly, because in general they have a fairly high-quality product that is not inferior to its many competitors.



Calmfall - we present to your attention a colorful arcade puzzle for the Android platform from the Nucooky studio, the whole gameplay of which is based solely on the logic and attention of the user to the details. Structurally the project is divided into separate levels. The task of each stage is to move the pentahedron (pentahedron) down the playground.

Be Beautiful Salon - Top Beauty Procedures Game - a casual Android simulator in which under the full control of the gamer comes the beauty salon, but not simply, but automated, which imposes a number of features on the gameplay. To make it easier for users to understand what is required of them, detailed training is provided.

Fabulous Japanese crossword puzzles - nonograms - this puzzle appeared in the 80s of the last century, and at first did not find a response in the hearts of fans of intellectual pastime. Just people for a long time could not understand what is required of them to solve an unusual task.

Avtosh: 2 Charx


Avtosh 2 Charx is an ambiguous Android racing project from Azerbaijani developers, which is currently in beta testing stage. While the car garage is available to the user, in which you can "play" with the appearance of the vehicle, as well as a special arena for performing all sorts of exercises and tricks.

Street Combat 2 Fatal Fighting - a spectacular Android fighting game, performed in the setting of street fights and the atmosphere of old-school retro projects of the end of the last century. The father of the protagonist, judging by the plot, owes creditors a solid sum of money, it's time to pay the bills, but there is no money.

Masha and the Bear Games for Girls: Cleaning in the House - a casual and casual Android game with a set of fascinating mini-games, the main character of which is a little girl named Masha, who is familiar with those who watched the domestic series "Masha and the Bear." Based on the name, it immediately becomes clear that gamers are to be cleaned up.

Care Bears Music Band - a music Android arcade game with casual gameplay, the main audience of which, according to the idea of ​​developers should be small users, mostly, preschool age. The protagonists of the novelty are adorable cubs, endowed with a sense of rhythm and talent for improvisation.

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