Arcade Adventure platformer


CATTCH - a juicy Android platformer in which the user, managing an unusual type of protagonist, will have to defend the native planet and save it from the terrible monsters and monsters. At your service more than five dozen levels of increasing complexity, which, among other things, contain logical elements, which simultaneously complicates the gameplay, and makes it much more interesting. The character, whose name is Ketch, lives without worries and problems in his hometown until the moment when it is reported on the radio that the planet was attacked by extraterrestrial creatures, extremely aggressive. The aliens do not spare anyone - they destroy cities, captivate local residents, turning them into their slaves. It is our protagonist and destined to save his native planet from the occupation, exterminating aliens, freeing relatives and safely overcoming dangerous traps and obstacles. Management in the CATTCH project is realized according to the genre standards - screen buttons for moving the character to the location, performing jumps and active actions with surrounding objects if necessary. On the way, the protagonist will sometimes see containers, they need to be opened, since they can contain valuable bonuses that greatly simplify the life of our virtual brave person. Graphically, the project can be called a real masterpiece, not only that the colors amaze with their juiciness, and the design of the locations does not cause doubts that the developers have invested all the soul and abilities in their offspring, it remains to them to express gratitude for such a high-quality in all senses of the word mobile Android project.
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