Clicker Racing

Arcade Race Clicker


Clicker Racing is a colorful Android project from the guys from No Power-up, whose gameplay implies user participation in funny car racing. At the disposal of the gamer comes only one machine, but it can be fully pumped, increasing maneuverability and speed characteristics, which at times will increase the chances of winning in each match. All tracks represent an ideally straight line, with the finish line of the first track playing the role of starting for the next race, however, rivals each time there are new ones. In the first seconds of arrival, the car requires constant monitoring, because with the help of tapes on the screen, we activate the thrust of the jet engine, which allows us to outstrip the persistent opponents. But gradually from race to race, rivals become stronger and more cunning, which means that you can not do without a planned upgrade. At the bottom of the screen there is a compact menu of improvements, and if you are set for a winning streak in competitions, you will have to look at it often enough - there are many settings, so the potential of the game is almost unlimited. In addition to ordinary opponents, there are also obsessive bosses who appear mostly under the curtain of the race - these guys are shustlers and will do everything to get ahead of you. The big plus of the game Clicker Racing is the graphic design, the picture, really, looks just gorgeous.


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