Into the Dead

Arcade zombie


Into the Dead - an updated version of one of the most famous and stylish "runaway" Android platform, in which the gamer will experience a global zombie apocalypse and try to do everything possible to slip away from the huge army of cadavers. By the way, you are given a dedicated partner, so it's not so sad. Into the Dead - a rather unusual Android runner, implemented in the "brutal" style of the bloody zombie invasion. In the event that you are bored with the gold coins created as if for a coin, you want to get something new, then you just do not have any moral right. Feel the chilling horror, making your way through the crowds of walking dead, visit the gloomy and mysterious forest, use an impressive arsenal of weapons and try to get out of this nightmarish nightmare intact. Only running and high speeds will help you survive. The game history of the project Into the Dead will tell us another epic on the topic of infection of the entire population of the Earth Z with a highly contactable virus, which transforms people into stupid, hungry cadavers. The protagonist, whom we suggest the novelists to manage, was lucky with some miracle not to catch the infection and now he is going to find other surviving people, and, for this he is ready to go for anything. And the price of reunion is big enough, so be ready for real nightmares. In the early Into the Dead, the user not only has to run all the time, avoiding obstacles in the guise of zombies, but also to shoot them out of available weapons, as well as using an aggregate such as a chainsaw. And given that the whole action is implemented in a first-person format, which in itself is a rarity for runners, you are guaranteed long hours of fascinating gameplay. For each destroyed mutant, a reward is given in the form of play money, which is spent mainly on the purchase of new weapons. Also worth to thank the developers for the opportunity to use a partner, which is issued as a bonus for successful game actions.


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