Path: Through the forest

Logic puzzle


Path: Through the forest - guys from the studio Ajoy Lab presented to the court of the gaming community rather unusual and unambiguously deserving attention Android puzzle, the gameplay of which sets before the gamer the task of bringing to mind the game universe. If you look at the proposed screenshots, then immediately decide that the novelty is a platformer, and go wrong, because there are simply no expected controls in the game. And the reason for this is one - the protagonist moves around the locations on his own, the gamer only needs to specify the point where the hero needs to get to, after which he obediently go on the road. The only problem is that the route does not always allow it to calmly do it. The fact is that the main character can move around the platforms that are hanging right in the air. Of course, at first this will be quite reliable islands, but gradually, instead of them, weightless clouds will appear on certain sections of the path, allowing only one protagonist to pass through them, after which they simply evaporate leaving a yawning hole behind them. On certain platforms there are crystals, and so they should be collected strictly necessary, and, all without exception. Only with their help can you activate a special portal leading to a new level. There is simply no other way to leave the current location. Successful passage is possible with proper control of the main character's jumps. At the bottom of the screen you will notice a button of a red color with a picture of the grating, if you press it, the entire level is covered with a barely noticeable grid, which will make it easier to navigate in the distance between the neighboring platforms. The protagonist overcomes the distance of three cells without problems, moreover, in different directions - vertically, horizontally and diagonally.


Path: Through the forest
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