Paranormal Agency 2

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Paranormal Agency 2 - atmospheric Android quest with a mysterious story, in which the user is to sort out. A professional detective takes on another investigation. Approaching the place of the incident, the detective notes an unusual figure on the desert road, and, trying to get around it, gets into an accident. The protagonist, fortunately, did not get a scratch, but the problem was clearly added to him by the accident. What happened in the mysterious mansion, what kind of man ran into the road in front of the detective's car? This is just a couple of questions that need to be answered gamers, but in the game they are much more. No matter how beautiful this novelty is in terms of design or plot, but in general this is another quest, which has a huge number on Google Play. At the offered locations and scenes, the gamer will have to look for different items without which further passage is inconceivable: in the car we are looking for the keys from the trunk, figuring in a large amount of trash, in the rooms we look in every corner, hoping to get hold of something useful and so on. All the objects that the user needs to find are presented in the format of the usual list located at the bottom of the screen. Moreover, items that may later be required are transferred to special inventory and can be used at any time to solve another puzzle. Closed doors in the project Paranormal Agency 2 is also full, they open in different ways, some need to pick up the code, others use the outlandish key, and still others with the foot can be taken out. The system of prompts is provided, but it will not always be used - they are very slow to dig.


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