Planet of Heroes - Be the Guardian of Magic MOBA-Galaxy

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Planet of Heroes - Be the Guardian of Magic MOBA-Galaxy - a luxurious RPG project with a fair share of action, all actions in which occur in a third-person format. So, before us is a full-fledged Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, which differs from the main mass of competitors simply with amazing graphic design, battles in multiplayer mode and a promising system for improving the main characters. Users are waiting for exciting fights with real gamers from around the globe, in which each fighter is endowed with his unique parameters, capabilities and ultimatums. Strategically correctly distribute the forces of your team, communicate with the allies in the process of battle to better coordinate joint actions and do not allow the enemy to capture your main base. Users are divided into two groups with the sole purpose - to destroy the opponent's headquarters, for which the opponents have a lot of opportunities. The contractions unfold in the "three by three" format, and the final result depends only on the abilities of the gamer and the understanding of the game process. Choose a protagonist that fully meets your needs, and try to inflict the maximum possible damage to the opponent. Your team is already ready, and an enemy is coming towards you, determined to totally destroy your base. All the battles are fleeting and take no more than five minutes, and given that the dynamics are just off scale, you do not have to miss. In the event that you are not willing to compete with real users, then you can oppose the artificial intelligence, the benefit of the developers also envisaged such an opportunity. This will be an excellent school before the fights in the online format. The most valuable and paramount in the given game is a user-generated team, each member of which acts according to the general plan, revealing all its combat functionality.


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