Candy Factory - Creative and creative Android project with the possibility of interaction with the environment, and an interactive mini-games, which are designed to diversify the gameplay. In the center of the narrative - funny characters, game mechanics clear, colorful graphics

The papers - Baby Android puzzle game with interactive gameplay, the basis of which the developers borrowed the universe of the popular animated film. The main characters are the - Moose named Aristotle Woodpecker Bale-Bale and Black Crow

Mad pajama party - Baby Android kazualka focused mainly on young members of the fairer sex. Become an organizer luxury pajama partying, and invite to the feast many friends.

Turtles - puzzle for the youngest users of Android, which must be turned located on the playing field of small reptiles. Some bugs are on their feet, and some are on the shell.

Baby Balloon Journey - an amazing adventure for the little Android users. Help the famous cartoon character - mumps Pepe an unforgettable journey in a balloon with his family.

Car Wash Design - we all know that cleanliness - the guarantee of health, but in this game is an expression used to refer not to the people, and for cars. The player will have to try his hand as an employee of the car wash

Kids Animal Preschool Puzzle L - CFC sro developers have tried their best and created the perfect cognitive gaming app for young people. In this game, kids can collect puzzle

Logic Puzzle game Luntik designed to develop thinking skills young people. Game application itself - it is a large collection of puzzles, which will of course collect.

In talking cat Tom now has a rival in the person of cute Ryzhik. In the gaming application Birthday Ryzhik you need to make every effort to create a bright and happy holiday celebration for the culprit.

Pou - a fun casual game. Many games of this genre already, but this turned out pretty funny. You have to grow your own pet. Before there were different cats, puppies and other animals, and in this game you will grow strange creature.