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Pig Evolution - another representative of the casual simulator with clicker elements from the studio erow.dev, which stamps such games just packs, changing only the main characters and nothing more. As always, users will be engaged in breeding animals, in our case they will be pigs, and we need to bring out species that have never been seen before, which by their appearance can make even the most inveterate dreamers wonder. The fact is that in the beginning we will need to create pigs with horns, and eventually they must transform into flying dragons to fly from their home planet to explore and conquer new territories. In short, with the imagination and creativity of the developers, it seems, all in full blaze, as they namudrili in full. The mechanics of the gameplay of this novelty almost 100% copy projects from the studio Tapps Games, which is the main supplier of such clickers to the mobile Android platform. If there are differences, then to notice them not to the experienced gamer is simply unreal. On the playground, new pigs descend in soap bubbles, it is necessary to shovel them with the help of the usual tapas, thus replenishing the number of "piglets". By combining identical pigs, we can create an entirely new look at the output. And this way it will happen until the dragons described above appear on the playing field. I must say that this process is not fast, so you need to be patient and prepare your fingers for heavy workload. The system of improvements in the Pig Evolution project is somehow one-sided, in this sense the guys from erow.dev simply shaltured, without even bothering to present us with a full clone of clickers from Tapps Games.
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