Apes Evolution World

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Apes Evolution World - disputes about the evolution of different species, including humans, have not been abated for several centuries. Developers of this Android gaming novelty offer users with a head to immerse themselves in the evolution of monkeys, which in the light of the recently released movie "Planet of the Apes: War" is a very topical topic. Of course, in this mobile product you should not wait for luxurious graphics and enchanting special effects, the game is framed mediocre, but its value is not at all in this. It is known that on the planet Earth man is the dominant in all respects kind. Your task in the project Apes Evolution World - to reset the representatives of Homo sapiens from their pedestal, and if everything goes well, then with a feeling of complete satisfaction to take it. Go a long way from a little monkey that clumsily wields a stick and stone, to masterfully owning weapons and the technique of the Monkey King. Honestly, after seeing this game, even Darwin would turn over in the grave. One of the important components of the gameplay is the collection of useful resources and food, which is carried out through fascinating mini-games. Without this, development will be insanely slow, and perhaps even stalling, not allowing you to achieve the desired goal. If you look like a monkey riding a horse, users are no longer surprised, since such scenes they have already seen in the movie, the macaque on the tank or dressed in a robotic suit - will make your mouth open with surprise.
Apes Evolution World
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