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ZooCraft is a cute casual Android game in which elements of an economic farm dominate, and the main task is to build and develop the infrastructure of a virtual zoological park. In the novelty there are many species of animals, including those on the verge of extinction, for which the zoo is the last chance. From your skillful actions depends the continued existence of amazing and beautiful representatives of the world fauna. Establish in the territory of modern aviaries and run new inhabitants in them, providing animals with healthy food, clean water in sufficient quantity, maintain the necessary temperature, which is the most favorable for the life and reproduction of the guests. The first of your charges will be a beaver, for the demonstration of which you can get the first game currency. Having saved up the starting capital, you can buy new animals, having planted it in the existing enclosure, and there, you will see, and the offspring can appear after a while. In the future, the zoo can be replenished with such specimens as wolves, buffaloes, tigers, turtles, antelopes and so on. It is worth noting that if you want you can use a special laboratory, the main function of which is to select - this will allow you to start breeding completely new, yet unseen species of animals. And this will guarantee the influx of a huge number of visitors, which in the end will affect the overall profit. Refine more and more territory, worrying not only about the well-being of the inhabitants of the zoo, but also about the convenience of visitors - places for recreation, snack bars, attractions and so on.


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