Shadow of Kurgansk

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Although domestic developers do not often pamper users with high-quality Android simulators on the subject of survival, but the Shadow of Kurgansk project ends up with a series of talentless projects of this genre. You have to survive in the journey through the radiation wasteland, always on guard, as in the district roam mutated creatures, hunting mostly at night. I must say, the novelty of Gaijin Distribution is perspective in terms of evolution, it really has much to develop, as the authors have introduced a lot of fascinating and new elements and opportunities into the popular among gamers of any age category. Fortunately, Shadow of Kurgansk will not tell users painfully boring stories about the lost island in the ocean and the survivor, who managed to reach the earthly firmament after another catastrophe. All the game events in this novelty are developing on the territory of a really existing state from among the former Soviet republics. So, according to the plot, the entire territory after the global cataclysm turned into a desert, populated by rather vile creatures, mutated under the influence of radiation. They have neither intelligence nor intelligence - only thirst for blood and fresh flesh, so mutants are one of your main problems. But even if meetings with mutants are not frequent, you will not be able to walk around the game world carelessly - after all, the protagonist must constantly move around in locations in search of food, water, vital resources. But first of all, of course, you should build a reliable shelter, which will protect you from enemies, and protect you from sudden temperature changes.


Shadow of Kurgansk
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