Super Cow - a popular casual game to the PC came to the platform Abdroid! The evil Dr. Duriarti made a daring escape from prison and seized the farm, located in the beautiful Sun Valley.

SEGA Corporation back in 1990 presented to the gaming community a project about the blue hedgehog SONIC, which then became the emblem for decades Corporation.

Spring Ninja - cool little ninja tirelessly jumping across platforms. This process is dangerous and difficult, but the courage of our main character does not hold, and he again and again trying to move as far as possible.

Platform, runners, skipping rope and the other arcade games are well represented on Android devices, but the bulk of the representatives of this gaming genre does not deserve any attention

Major Magnet: Arcade - true arcade platformer in the style of the legendary gaming machines. You have to help the Mayor, who is the protagonist of this game

Survivor Silhouette - present to your attention platformer with incredibly easy operation. In this Android game you will play the role of an unusual black creatures. He needs to reach the coveted portal, while trying to collect at all spheres of yellow.

Leaping fox - a simple Android platformer in which the user will act as a red fox, who is trying to safely reach the exit door leading to the next game level.

Super Brandom - this game Android project in many ways looks like the legendary game Super Mario, but still present and unique game moments. At the heart of the story line is the mission to rescue the beautiful princess.

Battle of Saiyan - Android fascinating platformer made ​​in pixel art, whose main character is a popular anime character. In this project, you are invited to play the role of a brave character from the Dragon Ball.

Crevice Hero - go on a journey through a mysterious cave, which conceals under its arches, many treasures. However, in order to collect all my wealth, it is necessary to work hard