Lost World Survival Simulator - try to survive in the hostile environment of the virtual desert island, which is inhabited by huge prehistoric reptiles. Join in combat with predators and effectively cope with various problems.

LEGO NEXO KNIGHTS MERLOK - this game will send the user to the world of children's fantasy stories. The gameplay is rather primitive. The game is divided into multiple levels, the main purpose of which is, basically, is to destroy all opponents.

I'm sure many people remember an adventure game called Airworld, which came out a few years ago and talked about the adventures of a boy, his travels on the floating islands and a loyal friendship with amazing dragons.

Starlit Adventures - present to your attention an interesting Android platformer that tells the story of a couple users funniest cosmic wanderers Kikki and Bo, trying to find his way to his native house.

Lost Lands 2 - go to the company's main character in a dangerous adventure through the extraordinary gaming world full of magic and inhabited by amazing creatures. Four dark rider travel the fantasy world of the Android games