Polywarp - an exciting timekiller for the Android platform, for the successful execution of tasks in which the user will need an excellent response and observation. The meaning of the game process is to change the main object located in the center of the screen, for which you must follow certain rules and conditions.

Care Bears Music Band - a music Android arcade game with casual gameplay, the main audience of which, according to the idea of ​​developers should be small users, mostly, preschool age. The protagonists of the novelty are adorable cubs, endowed with a sense of rhythm and talent for improvisation.



Pianista - bring to your attention the Android music arcade with luxurious 3D graphics and exciting gameplay. In this new product from the studio Superb Corp. The user gets a unique chance to reincarnate as a professional pianist performing the most famous musical works.

Mysterious young lady with a wonderful sense of rhythm again decided to visit mobile devices on the Android platform. This time, users will have to collect notes of lost with time musical compositions, passing fascinating tests of increasing complexity, maneuvering between spikes and demonstrating the wonders of resourcefulness.

Geometry Hell: Dash Jump on the Beat - the gameplay of this arcade from the studio Rhythm Beat is almost completely borrowed from such a hardcore game as Geometry Dash, which many users are familiar with. The same square protagonist and infinite location with an abundance of all kinds of obstacles and traps. Control is implemented in it's touch - tap on the screen and the character will jump, leaving behind the spikes and other irregularities of the track.

Beat Fever


Beat Fever - rhythmic music Android arcade from the studio WRKSHP, which seems to have many moments of gameplay borrowed from the famous project Guitar Hero. The standard guitar is replaced by rhythm monsters located at the bottom of the playing field. And from the top down the colorful elements descend, it is for them that the user has to tap, but only when they get to the rhythm monsters.

Rhythm and Bears - an application for the youngest users, which is both an interactive game story, and a musical simulator, which will certainly interest the target audience.



Spiraloid - another casual Android product from the studio ZPLAY Games. At this time, the developer offers users with a head to immerse themselves in a fantastic illusory world and to lead a small sphere in a twisted into an endless spiral track.

Tap Tap Reborn 2: Popular Songs is a high-speed music Android arcade from the studio Amanotes JSC, which only the most attentive and dexterous users can reach the final credits. So, after launching the application, the gamer will see the game board, with three buttons located below.

Hello Kitty Music Party is an interesting Android application, executed in a casual format, which surprisingly combines both the standard clicker and the possibilities of a music arcade. The game principle is quite primitive: the user needs to run a musical composition from the existing list and tap a rhythm sounding melody with his finger.