Happy Santa's Runner is a positive Android arcade game, in which the good Santa Claus, who rushes to the children of the whole world, comes to the control of the user, in order to reward them for good behavior with long-awaited gifts and presents. Intuitive gameplay and high dynamics are the main characteristics of this game novelty.

Super Goku Jungle Run - a juicy Android platformer, successfully borrowed the concept of the Super Mario project, although the rest of the project has its own unique features and unique style. Manage the user to a rather famous anime character, whose name is Goku, if you watched the series "Dragon Pearl", then he is familiar to you.

Hunter's Moon - designed with a predominance of dark tones of the Android runner, which is complemented by spectacular fighting games. The developer of the new product is the studio Seb Woodland Games, for which this is only the first mobile project, so do not judge the guys strictly, because in general they have a fairly high-quality product that is not inferior to its many competitors.

Mysterious young lady with a wonderful sense of rhythm again decided to visit mobile devices on the Android platform. This time, users will have to collect notes of lost with time musical compositions, passing fascinating tests of increasing complexity, maneuvering between spikes and demonstrating the wonders of resourcefulness.

Pets Race - Fun Multiplayer Racing with Friends - a cartoon Android runner, the main characters of which are cats and dogs, between which for many years the ruthless confrontation has not subsided. The user can choose who he will manage, the dog or the cat, moreover, the gameplay does not change from this, except that the enemies appear in each case different.

LAB Escape! - the best minds worked for several years in secret laboratories to create new forms of life, and finally their work was crowned with success. An amazing organism was created, it remains to study its habits and adaptability to the conditions of the real world. Naturally, all this was to happen in a closed territory, away from ordinary people.

The main protagonist of this Android arcade is a certain Arthur - a kind of guy with "golden hands" who earns money by performing small orders of customers, mostly related to carpentry and plumbing. Moreover, the hero almost did not deny anyone, for which he was known as the kindest "guy in the village".

Bounce House - a dynamic Android runner, whose events occur in a fairy-tale world, all the inhabitants of which move jumps, starting from springing surfaces. Most likely, many of you dreamed of frolicing on the trampoline, but such entertainment is more suitable for young children, adults are usually shy, fearing the surprised looks of all around.

Shadow Skate - a spectacular Android arcade, in its graphic style as closely resembling a legendary parkour project called Vector. Travel on skateboard on the roofs of high-rise buildings, city parks, green forests, and other locations.

Upside Down - atmospheric Android ranner with one-touch control, relaxing music accompaniment ascetic design of numerous levels. Under the control of the user comes a small white sphere, which moves independently on the level, and the gamer remains with the help of tapes to overcome obstacles and collect miniature balls, playing the role of game money.