Family Zoo: The Story - the thirst for profit sometimes pushes people to very rash acts, and suffer from this, as a rule, a party that can not stand up for themselves. In our case, this side is the animals, for the time being carefree and happily living in a modern city zoo.

Sea gentlemen of luck, they are pirates, are the protagonists of many Android games, belonging to a variety of genres. And if you are close to the sea romance, and the preference you give to the casual gameplay, the project Pirate Treasures from the studio GER Happy Games will be an excellent choice. Help the old pirate find treasure, realizing the dream of a lifetime, after which it is not a sin to go to rest.

Alpine locations lined with pristine snow and boundless deserts bound up by the dwellings of local residents, compact penguin houses and miniature fishing holes, a vast ocean and absolute silence that has come to the universe of calm cold for centuries.

Farm Swap: free match 3 game - the next "three-row" with increasing complexity levels, stylish graphic design and a global rating to compare your results with the records of gamers from around the world.

An alternative medieval state from the colorful Android puzzle Fable Rush: Match 3 from the studio Patriot Game, treacherously attacked by troops of motley monsters. Aggressors travel in time and space, finding a loophole from the underworld, and their main goal is to erase any mention of the human race, destroying cities and scales, plunging the beautiful kingdom into the abyss of suffering and sorrow.

Gingerbread Story Deluxe - a bright Android puzzle from the category of "three-order", which will send the user on a journey through an amazing country of sweets, offering to solve problems on the release of the game space from a variety of delicacies and sweets. One day, a light day, two children went for a walk to the nearest forest, where after a while they came across a lonely house.

Doodle Jewels Match 3 - a modern look at the standard "three-row" from the guys from BYRIL Games, which by and large did not use anything new, but thanks to unusual design and high-quality animation they were able to present to the gaming community a truly worthy product.

Disney Emoji Blitz with Moana - an adventurous Android puzzle game from Disney, the gameplay of which involves collecting a gamer on the playing field of cool muzzle-emoji. In other words, the concept of the classical "three-row" is used in the project.

Melody Monsters - a colorful musical puzzle, which uses the principle of "three in a row." The only difference is that we do not need to group the same elements, it's enough to select them with a finger in a solid line.

Arami Puzzventure - another representative of the Android genre, which is on Google Play almost the most numerous - "three in a row." The gameplay of the novelty is simple, but in order to pass a couple of minutes of free time quite fit.