Last Hope Sniper - Zombie War - equipped with a distinct plot of Android shooter on zombie themes, with the ability to pump characters and improve weapons, the arsenal of which in the novelty is quite wide. According to the general atmosphere and style of implementation, this project from the studio JE Software AB resembles the popular series "Walking Dead", as the protagonist is also a brutal sheriff.

War Shooter 3D is a three-dimensional Android shooter with fierce skirmishes, a believable system of destruction of the surrounding world, and realistic equipment that is given out to the protagonist before the start of each level. The place of events is a big city, which is under the rule of gangster formations.

Mad GunZ - crazy online shooters that unfold between real players in real time format. In case you do not like projects with a complicated and intricate plot, but prefer active action, then this game, no doubt, deserves your close attention.

Pixel journey: 2D space shooter - we bring to your attention a classic retro shooter on space themes - there were more than enough of such games at one time. Since for the studio Timmsyz Games is just the first project, it seems that the guys did not bother with the invention of the bicycle and just borrowed the popular idea without bothering to even give their novelty a less presentable appearance.

Counter Terrorist Mission - an uncompromising confrontation of terrorists and special forces using the latest technology and samples of the most advanced weapons. Take a sniper rifle or automatic rifle in hand, a sufficient supply of ammunition and try to destroy all up to one terrorists in a separate location within the allotted time interval.

Battle Lands Free Online PvP is a multiplayer shooter from Sima-land, which will send gamers to the island, where they will survive in the company of other real players from around the world. Naturally, all the game events take place in a real time format.



Xenoraid is a vertical Android scrolling shooter, sending a user to explore space expanses and destroy any potential danger, in the role of which, as a rule, are enemy starships and asteroids. The design is just perfect, the number of special effects is simply off scale, and the whole picture looks dynamic and saturated.

Forward Assault - a good clone of Counter-Strike, in which the user will enter into an open confrontation with other gamers from around the world, choosing the appropriate game mode, and using the power and lethal force of a variety of weapons, the assortment of which in the project is simply huge.

Toon Shooters 2: Freelancers is a colorful Android scrolling shooter in the horizontal version, endowed with cartoon graphics, tons of enchanting special effects, as well as a worthy audio accompaniment that plays far from the last role in the gameplay.

Pocket Combat - reminiscent of a fairly common Android genre of scrolling shooters, but with certain reservations and numerous non-standard finds and chips. The main difference is the scale of the locations, which go far beyond the screen of the mobile Android device.