Flight Simulator X 2016 Air HD - experimental and the most realistic aircraft simulator, which takes you on an unforgettable journey around the globe. The game meets the user's training complex - ignore flight training, we do not recommend

The commander of the worldly-wise airliner trying to take off with little use for this band Hawaii Airport - flight training is the first "swallow" in the future resumption of work at the famous tourist destinations all over the world.

FoxOne - Aviation Simulator for the Android platform from «SkyFox» studio that offers users to take over the management of modern military aircraft taking part in fights in the hottest points of the Earth.

Red Bull Air Race 2 - Android spectacular flight simulator which is timed annual competitions in this discipline as Aerobatics - aerobatic aircraft in special arenas. Champion is defined in many ways

FighterWing 2 Spitfire - a spectacular and dynamic flight simulator Android, which is provided with a modern system of multiplayer battles, multiple game modes and great prospects for improvement and setting up of manned aircraft.

Transporter Flight Simulator - Aviation Android simulator that offers gamers to participate in the transportation of passengers, with, this process is implemented as realistically as possible. Ticket sales at the box office, reception and departure of flights, profit and investment in improved transport services.

Blue Angels - Aerobatic SIM - a three-dimensional simulator Aviation Android, which offers users to manage modern jet aircraft, which guard the airspace in many countries around the world.

Sky Delivery - endless flyer - run postal aircraft and safely get to your destination, delivering a parcel addresser. During the flight, you have to avoid the collision of the aircraft with birds

Sky Target - Android dynamic game in which the user the user will take over the management of military aircraft. After the start of the game, gamers will be invited to choose any of the three available planes

WARZONE! Forced landing - this simulator offers Android users to get a whole new experience of landing combat aircraft, and to make in the midst of hostilities afford only the most daring pilots!