Everyone knows the saying, my house - my fortress. Now, let's fantasize and imagine that you relax after a hard day, but to you through the window, unceremoniously sneak thieves, while completely ignoring the home owner the slightest attention.

Die in 100 Ways - discover all the dangers that lie in wait at every turn all the members of a virtual family entertaining. Save the heroes of the tragic accidental death. Join the confrontation with the death of this unusual and fun Android game.

Feed the Pig - Android pixel arcade game in which the main character is an ordinary pink pig. You need every possible way to take care of his trust, which at first glance looks completely harmless and peaceful.

Buddy Toss


Buddy Toss - Android pretty crazy arcade game in which the user will have different ways to mock and sneer at the main character, trying to fulfill the assigned tasks of the game. For example, try to get into character

Drunk driving - in this Android game absolutely no storyline, it is known only that the main character, fairly drunk with drinking buddies decided to go home in his car.

Angry Neighbor - Reloaded - Android entertaining arcade game, offering the user to fool around, adjusting all sorts of tricks to his unpleasant neighbor. This game is perfect for those gamers who want to relax and de-stress after a difficult

Embezzlers: Money and Power - a simulator for Android devices about earning virtual money. To earn money, we will by conventional swipe up, as if pulling out the bills from the big stack. Each so obtained banknote

Boy Simulator 2 - the second part of the popular Android games, that offers from the usual street punks become a municipal authority. This simulator under your full control enters a normal guy who needs



Neighbours from Hell - you pretty tired restless and noisy neighbors? The mere thought of them you face a nervous breakdown? Then, provided the game is designed specifically for users such as you!

Stickman Dismount - take control of all the movements of a cartoon character, who must overcome a huge number of complex and deadly stage. Get ready for breathtaking stunts in the Android simulator.