Tiny Goat: Clicker Game - a simple Android clicker with elements of an economic simulator, according to the gameplay of which the user will be engaged in breeding and selling goats. The owner of a small farm in a local newspaper read an article from which it followed that a very lucrative business in recent times was the breeding of goats.

Idle Empires - we present to your attention a pixel clicker from the studio Grumpy Rhino Games, which is endowed with RPG elements, which guarantees not only high-speed gameplay, but also the possibilities of using a promising system of improvement.

Clicker Racing is a colorful Android project from the guys from No Power-up, whose gameplay implies user participation in funny car racing. At the disposal of the gamer comes only one machine, but it can be fully pumped, increasing maneuverability and speed characteristics, which at times will increase the chances of winning in each match.

Evolution Of Dogs is a casual arcade from guys from the Train Depo studio with clicker elements, in which everything that is required from a user is to tap into a certain sequence on the screen, thus creating new breeds of dogs. You can fully express your fantasies and creativity, performing breeding work and at the same time earning virtual funds for all kinds of accessories and improvements.

10 Billion Wives - a conceptual unusual Android clicker, judging by the name of which the user will interact with a huge number of virtual beauties. According to the prehistory, the protagonist matured before marriage, however, being an ardent devotee of polygamous relations, he decided that one wife would not be enough for him.

Watermelon Evolution - Idle Tycoon Clicker Game is an evolution simulator implemented in the mechanics of a standard clicker that will show users what can happen when crossing two ordinary watermelons.

Investing money in a young start-up and earning just 100% in a month is the way of a true professional who instantly unravels the mysteries of economic markets and thinks out what the population needs specifically. To appear in the role of such a specialist and financial affairs of the master and offers a new project called Business Time, which is by and large an ordinary clicker, although it bears the title of a simulator.

We present to your attention the pixel Android game, which although it is a strategy, but has an exclusively casual character, as it uses the mechanics of a standard clicker. We help the protagonist, who is the purposeful dragon, to realize his old dream - to visit as many royal castles as possible, and "gut" them to the ground, appropriating all the treasures and gold reserves.

CastleClicker is a solid mix from a simulator of the economic direction and a standard clicker from the mAPPle studio. Gaming events take place in the medieval universe, where the gamer acts as a monarch, favoring the prosperity of his kingdom. Initially, at the disposal of the gamer comes resources - minerals, ore, timber and so on, as well as employees from among the royal subjects.

Tappymon - Ultimate Edition - in this gaming news guys from the studio MEDIASOFT ENTERTAINMENT managed to combine several popular genres - clicker, Tamagotchi and RPG. The project is executed in a cute graphics, and is flavored with quality animation, which animates the protagonists and makes you believe in the realism of everything happening on the screen of the mobile Android device.