Courage: A Horrifying Adventure - a novelty from the studio WhiplashDigital, sending the user on a journey along the steep staircase, during the descent of which in almost total darkness the protagonist is waiting for a meeting with dangerous and amazing creatures.

This game will tell users an exciting adventure story about a brave girl named Mika - she went on a journey through strange lands to find the abducted spirit-benefactor Mongwau. A purposeful heroine awaits many deadly trials and a clash with the ignorant mercy and pity shaman of the people of Inna.

Zombie Watch - Zombie Survival - and again the user goes to the world, survived the global apocalypse, to try to survive in the midst of carnivorous zombies. The project is executed in polygonal graphics, and the gameplay assumes no stupid destruction of the cadavers, although this is also vital, and construction of shelter and extraction of resources. To all the rest, and kraft system will have to use to the maximum.

Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak - a solid Android action on the favorite theme of many developers - zombies. According to the plot, the user will have to go to the once crowded island, which as a result of a catastrophe in a secret laboratory turned into a hotbed of flesh eaters wandering around in the neighborhood in search of fresh human brains.

Night Survivor - this project is a fascinating and dissimilar mix of the game, quest and horror, which sets before the gamer the task - to survive in the aggressive conditions of the post-apocalyptic world. There are no complaints to the video series of the project, as well as to the audio accompaniment, which Evgeny Savicky developed in an atmospheric and perfectly complementary gameplay.

A novelty from the creator of Android ranner, which at one time made a lot of noise and built this genre in the top most popular on mobile platforms. However, this time, users do not need to take their feet off a horrible monster, the Temple Run: Treasure Hunters project is nothing more than a regular "three-pack".

Fairy Patrol is a children's Android game, which looks more like a cartoon film than a novelty of the mobile industry. From the user at the first stage, it will only take a single action - to choose any of the protagonists represented, after which you can start doing countless missions of magical bias.

Puppy Policeman Patrol - a children's adventure project with elements of a simple detective, offering a little detective to take up the investigation of a very strange case. Until recently, Lyon was an ordinary puppy, but now he is a graduate of the police academy and went on his first watch as the chief detective.

At the same table as competitors, Finn and Jake are two characters in the popular animated film "The Time of Adventure", very soon a fascinating game will begin with the use of a special deck!

Skull island - in front of you is another representative of the genre simulators, which will tell the user about the incredible journey of the British scientist and his daughter. Going to Africa, the main characters fall into a terrible storm