Onirim - Solitaire Card Game - an exciting Android card game with a fantastic storyline and non-standard gameplay. Developers suggest that a gamer try to reincarnate as a dream explorer, who has lost his way in a mysterious labyrinth. You have to try to unlock all the doors before you wake up, otherwise you will not be able to escape from the trap.

Card Monsters is a luxuriously designed and abundant gaming-enabled Android card game, in which to the gamer's services hundreds of the most amazing collection cards of different dignity and power. Of course, with the mastodons of the genre, this novelty can not compete, but for beginners it can become an excellent springboard for honing skill and recruiting a rich gaming experience.

Shuffle Cats is a card game that, due to the comprehensibility of rules and high learning ability, is aimed at the widest user audience. The undisputed plus of this game project is a detailed and understandable intuitive level of instruction with instructions in a step-by-step format and recommendations of benevolent consultants in between rounds.



Spades is a mobile version of the famous card game, which is mostly popular on the American continent, but now ordinary gamers have the opportunity to understand all the intricacies of this fun, and even become a real professional, having won all the prestigious tournaments present in the app.

Troll Face Card Quest - and again memes storm the mobile entertainment industry, though this time they are not the protagonists of the next funny quest, but they take part in an exciting card game. With the game mechanics, which developers decided to use in their novelty, for sure, many users are familiar.

Solitaires cards games is a unique and beautifully graphical collection of solitaires and the most popular card games for the Android platform. Apart from the usual fights with artificial intelligence, the guys from Appscraft are not too lazy to realize the possibility of multiplayer mode, which allows the gamer to compete with real players from around the world.

Magic Reign


Magic Reign - a curious "vinaigrette" from the card strategy and RPG capabilities, which will send you to an exciting and dangerous journey through the fantasy universe. To date, the game is available only one protagonist - the sorceress of the forest elves race, it is she who comes under the full control of the gamer.

HellFire - fantastic Android strategy, as the basic elements of mechanics and gameplay that uses trading cards, send the user to a virtual world populated by hostile creatures. By creating a team of brave warriors

Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest - ambient Android Solitaire, events which occur in the fairy forest the middle of winter. Embark on a fascinating journey through the magical forest, helping its residents to get out of the traps insidious villains and return to celebrate

Microsoft Solitaire Collection - standard card package of entertainment with the Windows platform in a modern interface. With applications that are in this collection, for sure, every user is familiar, as is the standard Windows games system (Spider, Klondike and Freecell)