Last Hope Sniper - Zombie War - equipped with a distinct plot of Android shooter on zombie themes, with the ability to pump characters and improve weapons, the arsenal of which in the novelty is quite wide. According to the general atmosphere and style of implementation, this project from the studio JE Software AB resembles the popular series "Walking Dead", as the protagonist is also a brutal sheriff.

Zombie Watch - Zombie Survival - and again the user goes to the world, survived the global apocalypse, to try to survive in the midst of carnivorous zombies. The project is executed in polygonal graphics, and the gameplay assumes no stupid destruction of the cadavers, although this is also vital, and construction of shelter and extraction of resources. To all the rest, and kraft system will have to use to the maximum.

Zombat - colorful three-dimensional Android action, offering gamer again to deal with the destruction of walking dead, using for this an affordable arsenal of opportunities and means. The global apocalypse became a reality, but fortunately, the protagonist of our novelty foresaw this and was able to prepare for the coming of the zombies.

The Bursting Dead is a zombie shooter for the Android platform from the XT Games studio, which sends a gamer to the streets of the metropolis, offering to shoot the cadavers and mutants that have filled them. Therefore, as you understand, the story line can not boast of exclusive and original.

Dead Plague: Zombie Outbreak - a solid Android action on the favorite theme of many developers - zombies. According to the plot, the user will have to go to the once crowded island, which as a result of a catastrophe in a secret laboratory turned into a hotbed of flesh eaters wandering around in the neighborhood in search of fresh human brains.

Created in secret laboratories, a new virus instead of fighting cancerous growth began to destroy healthy cells, destroying the nervous system and other tissues, turning a person into a bloodthirsty mutant. And this revolutionary drug dared to try on themselves thousands of volunteers who did not know about the consequences.

Fierce disassembly brave protagonist with a whole army of thirsty warm flesh revived dead. Take a powerful pistol in your hand and show the zombie "kuzkina mother", collecting in the process of traveling through levels and locations ringed coins and an additional arsenal of weapons.

Zombie Defense: Escape - we suggest you to deal with the planned shooting of walking dead, otherwise there will be an incredible amount of them, and we will not notice how we turn into bloodthirsty and eternally hungry cadavers. So, the protagonist, played by a certain John Dorian, built a kind of barricade in the metro, trying to protect himself from the continuous flow of zombies from all sides.

Kill Shot Virus - a heavy-handed Android shooter, which every second offers users more and more tests, sending in battles with the bloodthirsty walking dead, flooded with city streets and squares. The protagonist is armed with a rifle with an optical sight, and this gives a weighty advantage, allowing to destroy the zombies with a single shot still at distant approaches.

Zombie Shooter - - a good Android shooter from the studio LQ-GAME, the gameplay of which involves battles in limited locations with crowds of all kinds of mutants and zombies. Despite the fact that in the name of the project you can notice the popular prefix "io" - this does not mean that your opponents will be users from all over the world.