Doona - this mobile novelty from the studio Incago uses in its gameplay several genres at once - action, arcade and role-playing elements. According to the plot, we have to help the brave heroine on a journey through the gloomy world, trying to reveal all his secrets and secrets.

Although domestic developers do not often pamper users with high-quality Android simulators on the subject of survival, but the Shadow of Kurgansk project ends up with a series of talentless projects of this genre. You have to survive in the journey through the radiation wasteland, always on guard, as in the district roam mutated creatures, hunting mostly at night.

Trivia Crack Heroes - an exciting Android strategy, diluted with elements of the puzzle, sending gamers to travel around the diverse locations of the enchanting universe. You are traditionally invited to turn into the greatest hero of all time and people, and this process is not easy and not fast.

Surface: Another World - the main heroine of this Android puzzle with elements of adventure, carelessly lived in her small apartment located in the center of an ancient provincial town. In her free time the girl met friends, read the works of famous scientists, was interested in the most unusual incidents, which happened with an enviable regularity throughout the country.

Not printing. The last interview is a new adventure Android quest from the Big Fish Games studio, which with enviable regularity presents its luxurious products to the court of the gaming community, which are invariably popular among fans of the genre. According to the plot of this project, the protagonist had a unique opportunity to interview one noble and influential person in certain circles.

League of Light: The Gatherer - this game greets users with gloomy locations and an eerie story, according to which something terrible is going on around, and it's up to you to decide the problem of fate. As always, Big Fish Games has managed to create from a mediocre story a luxurious adventure quest.

Midnight call. Geronimo - his protagonist, the protagonist of this adventurous Android quest from Big Fish Games studios, was stealing - otherwise he just could not survive on the street where he found himself after his mother threw him there, unable to feed his extra mouth.

A bridge to another world. Alice in the Land of Shadows - the game story begins with how the main character goes to the local park for a morning run. Suddenly, an unknown person pushes Alice from the bridge, after which she flips back to the river in a somersault.

Beholder - adventure Android arcade, expanded with logical elements, according to the gameplay of which the user is to monitor all the citizens, executing the order of his leadership. Feel yourself the master of destinies, since the further course of the entire game process largely depends on your steps.

Eat and Run: Cat's Adventures is a horizontal adventure Android runner with lots of curious features that distinguish the project from the background of numerous competitors. The protagonist of the arcade is a cat named Pattin, who loves to feast on coffee with friable cookies.