Emergency landing in the desert terrain, amnesia, excruciating thirst - the logical project Welcome to Paradise for the Android platform is impregnated with ruthlessness and total despair. The protagonist, most likely, will remain in an inhospitable desert for ever, because help from the outside will not come, and hoping for a miracle in this situation is completely silly.

Mushroom Wars 2 is another part of the fascinating real-time strategy for the Android platform from the guys from Zillion Whales, whose gameplay is focused on confrontation with mushrooms. The project will please fans of dynamic duels not only with an interesting gameplay that provides two modes, but also with colorful quality design, which differs from the first part for the better.

Escape Alchemists House - this Android game from the studio DAIKOKUYA SOFT will tell users the confusing story about the amazing travels in time, the involuntary participant of which became a young and ambitious alchemist, who is the protagonist of the novelty. Now the young man needs to try to understand the causes of the events that happened and do everything possible to return again in due time.

Wild Zombie Online - this simulator offers you an unusual gameplay, according to which you will turn, let and for a while, into a bloodthirsty zombie dog, traveling through game locations and entering into fierce fights with your own kind.

The universe of Midgard both beckons with its extraordinary beauty, and repels the danger, waiting for the traveler literally at every step. Riot of colors and fantastic vegetation distracts and makes you freeze in amazement, and local inhabitants, who, by the way, are not all aggressive, accompany the traveler with a curious glance and sometimes a warning roar.

RoboCraft Survive Craft - we bring to your attention a fascinating Android simulator, executed in a cubic Minecraft style, which offers users to visit and thoroughly explore the universe inhabited by a variety of robots. As in the computer Sandbox, the RoboCraft Survive Craft project has two main modes: Survival and Creative.

The Pirate: "Plague of the Dead " - "gay roger" in the sky, the British coat of arms on the body - these words may well become the motto of this stunningly fascinating novelty from the studio Home Net Games, performed in the setting of pirate adventures unfolding in the Caribbean. Leave all thoughts about family and friends, as for the next few weeks you will be replaced by a friendly team that obeys the pirate hierarchy.

Mosquito Insect Simulator 3D - people do not like mosquitoes, which is quite understandable explanation, because they deliver a lot of problems - bites, unbearable itching, the inability to fall asleep under a monotonous buzz. But in this project, the developers of the studio Wild Animals Clan, specializing in creating all kinds of animal life simulators, offer gamers to act as a small bloodsucking insect.

Gumball Racing - if you think that a full-fledged Android racing project provides for the management of real prototypes of sports cars on race tracks running across rough terrain, then you are deeply mistaken. In this game novelty, there is nothing of this, but there are toy miniature cars, and trails running through the rooms, corridors and rooms of the regular high school.

In an era when man was not even in the plans of the Earth, prehistoric lizards of different sizes and species dominated the planet. Project Dinosaur Park Hero Survival from the studio 3D Games Village offers gamers to go back to those distant times and try to survive among the herbivorous and carnivorous giants, the good that the developers have equipped the protagonist with firearms and cold steel.