Tropic Town: Island City Bay - another representative of the genre of economic Android strategies, sending the user to develop a small island, lost somewhere in the boundless ocean. It is completely empty, and your task is to make it suitable for life, creating the necessary infrastructure for this.

The Samurai Wars - this game is a vivid representative of how developers are trying to "cut money" on the popularity of projects in the AAA-title format, but they do not get anything - it does not hold this mobile product to the legendary Total War, being an awkward fake of low quality.

Industrialist: strategy - the debut mobile Android project from the studio StankoMashStroi, which is positioned by developers as a strategy with an economic bias. At the start, a certain enterprise arrives at the disposal of the user, in a rather deplorable financial condition, almost on the verge of bankruptcy.

Operate Now: Hospital is a new Android simulator with strategy elements, the gameplay of which offers gamers to take control of a large medical clinic, where they treat a variety of injuries and pathological conditions.

Oceans Empires is a bright Android marine strategy from the guys from JOYCITY Corp, in which users will experience the horror of the war with a powerful and inflexible enemy in the face of an influential Empire.

The Vikings - who lived in medieval times brutal sailors from Scandinavia, which treacherously attacked the ships, islands and ports brave soldiers ran out of the sinister Drakkar and furiously circled among the enemy in a deadly dance.

Dr. Brock, world-renowned scientists, together with colleagues from the secret lab, still managed to build a time machine works, the well-known device that could carry people in different time epochs, which opened boundless horizons for researchers.

Paradise City Island Sim - present to your attention a massive Android strategy with an economic slant, which is endowed with impressive prospects for the development and improvement of infrastructure for the different localities.

The head of a large enterprise project Tower Sim: Pixel Tycoon City has to take on the job and determine the positions of the employees, invest in and buy, can bring fabulous dividend stocks well-known companies

Battle Champs - a dynamically developing economic strategy for Android, offering science-fiction atmosphere and conditions for the Dark Ages. This, at first glance, completely opposite elements coexist quite peacefully. So all game events occur