Never To Be Konkered Strategy - it seems that while creating their novelty, the developers of Koffee Studios tried to make something similar to the legendary project "Civilization", although they decided to simplify the gameplay somewhat.

The Sandbox - luxury pixel Android sandbox, which won enormous popularity in the gaming community, thanks to the amazing functionality and vast gaming opportunities.

What do you think, why in the world disappeared prehistoric lizards that inhabited the planet in the Mesozoic Era? Do you think that this could be due to the fallen to Earth a giant meteorite, or cooling on a global scale?

High magic school is located in a secluded, far from the bustle of the sky-high temporal location. Manages school Rufus, the legendary magician and lover of all kinds of experiments. Director of gaining new students

Dictator 2 - the long awaited sequel of the popular Android simulator, which will give the user the ability to implement its strategic potential and take over the entire planet!

TubeTycoon - in front of you Android arcade simulator, made ​​in pixel art. I must say that in this game at all "adult", so do not expect to get rid of the usual tapami on the screen. You need to choose your path and follow it exactly, improving their own talent tree, for example, movies or games.

Grand Theft Godfather. Mafia - excellent Android taymkiller referring to the popular game genre simulators. But here the gamer is not offered to take over the management of a sports car or plane, it will control the head of the criminal world.

Many fine deals! - Made in pixel art game Android, which brings together several popular genres. The basis of the game mechanics of this application is an arcade, as the user will closely monitor the market, consisting of a plurality of levels

Crazy Zoo - a collection of fun mini-games for young Android users. In this application, the child will be able to consider in detail the numerous animals, as well as perform a few tasks on development of dexterity and logical thinking.

Rapture - World Conquest - colorful Android strategy, offering the user to take on your own shoulders manage virtual civilization. It is a dynamic strategy in which, acting as Creator