Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike - a spectacular Android action from the guys from GS Games Studio, performed in a set of duels with cadastres, capturing the entire game world. In addition to their instincts, count, by and large, gamers in this project no longer on that.

Once Upon a Tower - a dynamic Android arcade, whose main character is trying to escape from captivity, being imprisoned in a high tower. Angry fire-breathing dragon stole the princess from his parents and keeps in an impregnable tower of great height, each floor patrolled by guards.



Microbot - a sticky Android arcade that offers a gamer to act as an antivirus, and not allow harmful files to get into the computer system, and from there to the central server. Control the microbot, not allowing the square pests to be on the server and erase all important information.

Planet of Heroes - Be the Guardian of Magic MOBA-Galaxy - a luxurious RPG project with a fair share of action, all actions in which occur in a third-person format. So, before us is a full-fledged Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, which differs from the main mass of competitors simply with amazing graphic design, battles in multiplayer mode and a promising system for improving the main characters.

Severe criminal disassembly, stabbing and robbery, extortion and tense chases - the previously quiet streets of Miami now look more like a war zone. Be that as it may, it's not even the edge of insolent criminal elements, but in completely unprofessional guardians of order.

Mafia Revenge: Real-Time PvP is a gorgeous Android action-packed action gangster that impresses with its highest quality, colorful graphics, the enchanting atmosphere of the mid-20th century, and an amazingly impressive set of gaming features.

Super Zombies Again - an ambiguous Android novelty from the studio PXLink, made in zombie-themed. We find ourselves in a location that is teeming with hundreds of ruthless cadavers, and we try to survive in this hell for as long as possible using the weapon falling as bonuses, without stopping for a minute.

The cruel weeds have committed a treacherous attack on the peaceful inhabitants of a fantastic planet and are determined to make them their uncomplaining slaves. You will be prevented from fulfilling these terrible plans, creating a battle-worthy squad of the most powerful protagonists who will deal without regret with the green aggressors.

Stickman Five Nights Survival 2 - cute Android action from the studio Digi-Chain Games, the protagonist of which is an ordinary-looking hand-drawn Stickman. This time, our hero will fight crime, but not on the street with weapons, but using his intelligence and monitor with video surveillance.

World War Heroes - we bring to your attention an Android shooter made in the setting of World War II from the Game development ltd studio, which involves the gamer in fierce fights, realized in the form of first-person, as well as the possibility of multiplayer mode. The user can access five global maps with excellent drawing of all surrounding objects.