Goodmorning! Zombie - an unusual Android project from the studio Hotfinger, which found a place and role-playing elements, and action, and strategy, and clicker. In addition to the fascinating gameplay, the novelty will please users with curious design of the game world, nice graphics in Pixel-Art format, high-quality animation and atmospheric melody that adheres to the general entourage.

Super Zombies Again - an ambiguous Android novelty from the studio PXLink, made in zombie-themed. We find ourselves in a location that is teeming with hundreds of ruthless cadavers, and we try to survive in this hell for as long as possible using the weapon falling as bonuses, without stopping for a minute.

Into the Dead - an updated version of one of the most famous and stylish "runaway" Android platform, in which the gamer will experience a global zombie apocalypse and try to do everything possible to slip away from the huge army of cadavers. By the way, you are given a dedicated partner, so it's not so sad.

Another sad story about the consequences of the global confrontation that led to the nuclear war, and the remnants of the human race, which are determined to free the Earth from the millions of mutated monsters. Kill the walking dead and other evil spirits with a sharp sword, collect unique equipment and watch out for a sufficient number of special first aid kits for healing protagonists.

Stickman Survival vs Zombies - a runner from the studio Rainbow games on the theme of a zombie apocalypse, the main role in which went to such a well-known in the mobile industry character, as Stickman. Gameplay standard - the main character runs ahead in the locations on a full "machine", and the user can only manage his jumps, and "flashing" with automatic bursts of all the walking dead in the field of view.

The Zombinizer - no one is surprised by zombie projects, but the developers of this project decided to act somewhat differently - to manage users is not the brave protagonists that destroy the walking dead, but the cadavers themselves who mercilessly exterminate people who are simply sources of fresh warm brains for them.

Dead Rivals - Zombie MMO - a spectacular Android with elements of RPG from the studio Gameloft, carrying the gamer in the territory, which is roaming the walking dead everywhere. Unfortunately, the plot is primitive and scanty in terms of the concept, but offers users some interesting twists and turns.

Dead Memories: Zombie Quest is a quest from the guys from Karate Goose Studio, who will send the user on a journey through the game universe that survived the global apocalypse, caused by mutated carnivorous people who were exposed to the action of an unusual virus. The protagonist is in a small room, and, at all can not remember how it turned out.

Zombie Shoot: Pandemic Survivor - an active zombie shooter for the Android platform from the studio JOYNOWSTUDIO, telling about the survival of the protagonist in the conditions of an infernal hell caused by a zombie apocalypse. Thanks to high-quality graphics and a lot of game cards, the novelty opens for gamers the widest gaming opportunities.

Death Zombie Fight - an active Android shooter, performed in the setting of the global zombie apocalypse, the cheerfulness of the gameplay which is simply amazing and challenges the adroit and virtuosic gamers. The arcade is made in a juicy color scheme, replete with numerous special effects and "heavy" music, tuning to the appropriate mode.