Stick War: Legacy - stand at the head of the state, whose inhabitants are drawn fellows amazing. Form a strong army and attack the many neighbors to the result to conquer the world.

Total Clash - create your own virtual empire of enormous size and protect its borders from numerous enemies. Android This strategy enables the user to simultaneously be in the role of a brave military leader and ruler of a great empire.

More recently, turn-based strategy, especially on the theme of the Second World War, enjoyed enormous popularity both on the PC, as well as on various mobile platforms. But recently gaining increasing popularity arcade strategy

Artillerists - new Android strategy, made ​​in the image and likeness of the legendary fun desktop called "Battleship." After starting the game will appear to the user of the playing field, which actually will have their equipment in such a way

Iron 5: Tanks - a strategy game for the platform Android, which is unfolding in real time. The gameplay involves managing a tank unit and merciless destruction of enemies in fierce battles.

Plane Wars Plus - in this strategy Android user will take over the management of the Air Force. Excellent training for pilots on high-speed fighters sent to another job, to protect the native sky from numerous aircraft

The new turn-based war strategy for Android Tank Alliance: Fury offers users take over the management of a virtual military empire. Mankind in the future expects global war, all former foundations of the fallen

Real Tank Fire - a tank in front of you Android strategy that offers the user to conquer the world. Initially, you need to create the most fortified military base, defended on all sides by defensive towers of strategic purpose.

Authors Android multiplayer strategy called Cosmic War Age offer users to take part in the war for control of the whole galactic system. Choose any of the proposed application of fractions

Military Masters - a strategy that sends you on a virtual war, and offer to take over the command of any of the three different teams for battles on land, air and sea.