The main protagonist of this Android arcade is a certain Arthur - a kind of guy with "golden hands" who earns money by performing small orders of customers, mostly related to carpentry and plumbing. Moreover, the hero almost did not deny anyone, for which he was known as the kindest "guy in the village".

Hidden, merciless, dexterous, impetuous - the protagonist of the project The Revenge of Shinobi strikes with his talents and extraordinary vision of the battle. Manage your fighter and go through a series of deadly trials that fell to his lot - the levels change each other, but the goals do not change.

FeeSoeeD is an old- fashioned Android platformer from the studio BUG-Studio, which will send the user on a journey into the distant future, offering to manage a small pixel protagonist. By and large, this project differs from its numerous colleagues only in themes, otherwise all the same levels, obstacles, enemies and the need to control the protagonist as accurately as possible, helping him to make jumps.

Swing Master Poka - this novelty from the guys from Thinktrek Entertainment Private Limited contains features of both a casual platformer and an exciting puzzle, because only by using the dexterity and logic, the user has a chance to get to the final credits. The protagonist is a miniature robot, similar in appearance to R2-D2 from one legendary universe.

Cute rabbits in a mutually beneficial tandem travel the game world and battle with the army of turtle aggressors. Help brave travelers to pass with honor all hardships and obstacles, as well as send all the enemies in the place of their "propiska" - in a damp and dark bog. The project Paulis Adventure Island for the Android platform is not able to offer anything new either in the gameplay, in the mechanics, or in the design.

Kraken Land: Platformer Adventures is a three-dimensional Android platformer that will send the user to an amazing adventure in an unusual game world. Take full control of a cute octopus - adventurer and lead him through a string of levels of increasing complexity, located in colorful locations with a curious design and design.

Ben Super Ultimate Alien Transform - fearless protagonist, super opportunity and treacherous villain, planning to enslave the game universe. Take a trip to an amazing world and make every effort to frustrate the plans of the mad professor and his mutants created from marine life.

Mikey Shorts is a pixel-based Android platformer that allows gamers to return to the days of primitive game consoles, it was on these games that such games were popular. According to the game story, our protagonist's planet was attacked by cruel robots, determined to enslave humanity and destroy the beautiful world.

CATTCH - a juicy Android platformer in which the user, managing an unusual type of protagonist, will have to defend the native planet and save it from the terrible monsters and monsters. At your service more than five dozen levels of increasing complexity, which, among other things, contain logical elements, which simultaneously complicates the gameplay, and makes it much more interesting.

Chicken Fly! - Platform Jumper - a fun Android game from the studio BAAD Games Studio, which perfectly coexist at once two popular genre - platformer and runner, providing an exciting gameplay of stunning replay. This time the user has to act as a smart chicken who does not intend to become an ingredient in the owner's borsch.