RAM BOE - a serious test for the intelligence of users with a cute protagonist and clear rules that guarantee a low entry threshold. The events of this Android puzzle occur on the islands hovering in the sky, wrapped in clear ice and covered with snow. The main game task is to chase away the long cold and help to open up in all its glory to various representatives of the fantastic flora.

Who are you, Mr. Cooper? - an exciting adventure, implemented in steampunk style, in the course of the gameplay of which the user will have to use the full program of logic and intellectual abilities in the process of solving numerous riddles and secrets. According to the plot, the protagonist, at the invitation of his longtime friend, came to a local pub.

AcroSplat: The Journey is an arcade Android puzzle game whose gameplay involves executing users' actions to collect colors of different colors in one container, adhering to a number of conditions and rules. To the visual design of the project there are no complaints - pleasing bright colors, quality animation and unpretentious melody that sounds throughout the player's decision of puzzles of increasing complexity.



Calmfall - we present to your attention a colorful arcade puzzle for the Android platform from the Nucooky studio, the whole gameplay of which is based solely on the logic and attention of the user to the details. Structurally the project is divided into separate levels. The task of each stage is to move the pentahedron (pentahedron) down the playground.

Fabulous Japanese crossword puzzles - nonograms - this puzzle appeared in the 80s of the last century, and at first did not find a response in the hearts of fans of intellectual pastime. Just people for a long time could not understand what is required of them to solve an unusual task.

Buttons Up - in this Android puzzle the user is to help the cute spider, whose main goal is to save its fragile world from total destruction. So, a protagonist named Spudi goes on a journey to the game levels, simultaneously collecting virtual currency.

Color Magnet - a motley Android puzzle with a curious mechanics, in the rules of passing which is difficult to get confused, although at the start of the gameplay and it can seem extremely difficult. The game task is to color the squares located on the field, but here's how it happens, we'll tell you now.

What Game is it? 2 - if you think you know practically everything about computer games, then this application is able to test your ambitions in practice. Despite the primitive pixel design, which in this case plays a secondary role, the gameplay of the quiz has become fascinating and sometimes quite complicated.

Steampunk Puzzle - Brain Challenge Physics Game - the mechanics of this Android puzzle are based on realistic physical laws, which in itself guarantees an addictive gameplay and a test of the user's intellectual abilities. Speaking frankly, the player's actions in this game are few, which depends - he can only choose the right moment to send a small metal ball into the free fall.

Ancient Secrets of the Mummy - colorfully designed adventure Android quest, in the gameplay of which the "search for items" prevails, and the story will send the user to a country located on the African continent. The main heroine, who is called Amonet, who lives in Egypt, had a strange dream one night - the spirit of the desert appealed to her for help.