World War ll Blitz - online strategy with multiplayer capabilities, sending users to the battlefield of World War II, which also found a place to use the collection cards. And, by and large, at this moment everything is tied up, but you can use the cards if certain conditions are met.

Ancient Battle: Rome - another Android strategy from the guys from HexWar Games Ltd, all the actions in which unfold in the format of turn-based battles, and the theme chosen is the history of conquests and victories of the glorious Roman Empire.

Planet of Heroes - Be the Guardian of Magic MOBA-Galaxy - a luxurious RPG project with a fair share of action, all actions in which occur in a third-person format. So, before us is a full-fledged Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, which differs from the main mass of competitors simply with amazing graphic design, battles in multiplayer mode and a promising system for improving the main characters.

Mafia Revenge: Real-Time PvP is a gorgeous Android action-packed action gangster that impresses with its highest quality, colorful graphics, the enchanting atmosphere of the mid-20th century, and an amazingly impressive set of gaming features.

Simulator Cats Online - an exciting and very high-quality online simulator for the Android platform from the studio Turbo Rocket Games, for which this genre is a priority in the activity. So, the user has to take control of a lovely pet - cats.

Pixel Starships - Android space strategy with elements of the simulator, the purpose of which is to build its base and battles with users from around the world. From the plot we learn that the protagonist was born eighteen years ago on a small planet.

Titanfall: Assault - we present to your attention a real-time strategy from the guys from NEXON M Inc., the basis for which is a popular PC project called Titanfall from Electronic Arts. In our case, the gameplay did not undergo any major changes, although the developers had to give up something, given that the game was created for the mobile Android platform.

Magic Legion - Mists of Orcs - we bring to your attention RTS for the Android platform, reinforced with RPG elements, consisting of many chapters of an exciting storyline and a corporate mode that involves the creation of guilds for more efficient stripping of the most hardcore locations.

Mushroom Wars 2 is another part of the fascinating real-time strategy for the Android platform from the guys from Zillion Whales, whose gameplay is focused on confrontation with mushrooms. The project will please fans of dynamic duels not only with an interesting gameplay that provides two modes, but also with colorful quality design, which differs from the first part for the better.

Wild Zombie Online - this simulator offers you an unusual gameplay, according to which you will turn, let and for a while, into a bloodthirsty zombie dog, traveling through game locations and entering into fierce fights with your own kind.