Brick Breaker Lab - another representative of the genre of arcanod with classic gameplay, a full storyline and numerous colorfully designed levels. According to the history, the user has to save the modern laboratory from the main computer that has "flown off". The protagonist - Professor Walter, at one time and developed an artificial intelligence for more efficient management of his laboratory.

Brick Breaker 2018 - the basis of the gameplay of this Android game are the principles of arkanoid, but the developers decided to dilute the familiar gameplay with some new chips. Manage the user to a small platform, from which the miniature balls are bouncing off, knocking down the blocks located at the top of the screen.

Bricks Breaker Puzzle - we bring to your attention a fascinating Android puzzle in the gameplay where the key place is allocated to the elements of Arkanoid. By tradition, characteristic of the claimed genre, the user has to destroy all elements on the field.

Block Soccer - Brick Football - Arkanoid, made in the setting of football, the gameplay of which implies the destruction of blocks located at the top of the playing field. Each such block has its own color and strength, as evidenced by the inside figure.

Spells of Genesis is an Android role-playing game from the Channel 4 Television Corporation studio, in which the gameplay contains elements of arkanoid. Basically, the user will be engaged in the formation of an invincible card deck, each element of which is a unit. But this resemblance to the usual RPG cards ends here, and the battle system does look unusual.

One More Brick - remotely this Android novelty from the guys Rifter Games reminds the Arkanoid, whose gameplay has undergone great changes and received many original "highlights". Users at first can be confused by a rather inconvenient control system, but in time you can get used to it, because the game is worth it to get through.

Charming Runes - exciting Android arcade with the predominance of mechanics arkanoida, flavored with elements of the puzzle and bubble shooter. The game process is difficult to call original and non-standard, something similar could already be observed in other mobile products, but the merit of this novelty is the general concept and its graphical implementation.

Circle Breakout - this Android game and time will help you to spend free, and the nervous system pretty shaky. The project has turned out to be incredibly dynamic, but this circumstance is clouded by the extremely "cunning" management, because of which, in fact, a lot of problems arise.

Ancient Bricks - a genre like Arkanoid, enjoys the popularity of gemerov, and even if it is decorated qualitatively, it runs the risk of becoming a guest on any mobile Android gadget. This statement applies to the novelty of the studio Zippy Mobile, the gameplay of which involves hunting for gold and Aztec diamonds.

The ArconBlock Legendary project belongs to the genre of Arkanoid who strictly observes the basics of this format, but also has beautiful graphics, realistic physics and other aspects typical of most modern Android mobile projects.