IHUGU is a casual Android arcade with puzzle elements from the guys from Kool2Play sp z oo, for the successful passage of which users will need phenomenal visual memory. Quite unusual in this novelty is the gameplay, which consists in giving the surrounding people their embraces.

BLUK - Physics Adventure - adventure Android arcade for agility, accuracy and spatial thinking from the beginning developers from the studio Pixel Ape. The main game task involves moving with the help of throwing a miniature cube on numerous columns located in multi-colored locations.

Change Color! - Cute Android arcade game that will test your attentiveness and speed of decision making. The terms and conditions that govern the gameplay is quite simple - controlling a small ball, which has a certain color, you have to collect on the board other balls



Balance - Android casual arcade-oriented people with excellent response and a sense of rhythm. Gameplay is endless, no time limits, no restrictions are no moves. Play you can only if the balance is broken makeshift board and all "good"

Beat Jumper - Android is a casual arcade game, made in neon colors, that gameplay is accompanied by dynamic music. Our protagonist - a small and nimble square, all of which will monitor the actions and gamers.

Bottle Flip Challenge 2 - the second part of casual arcade Android, which is a great taymkillerom and offers users a fun, throwing a variety of bottles. The goal is similar to that of the first part of the project: a deft swipe to throw up in the air offered a bottle

Furious and determined lamb is always ready for a new extreme adventure, it is true, sometimes it without help still can not do. This time, jumping from the highest mountain on mordahe main character is not even flashed the shadow of fear

Diving Plane - Android taymkiller pretty hardcore difficulty in creating that developers have the basis mechanics and gameplay of the popular project as Flappy Bird. In the forefront is the agility and speed of reaction gamer



Telloy - another Android arcade game from the studio 111%, characterized by originality and simplicity of the gameplay, as well as a stylish graphic design. Use the laws of physics, plan your moves and right on target to submit magic arrows.

Top Archer


Competitions of the best archers in the virtual Medieval meets weekly in the morning on Sundays. Participants practiced in a high-speed target lesion. At the shooting range all done practically and wisely - area for spectators is equipped with tables