Junk Norris' Challenges - a dynamic Android arcade gameplay, which involves passing levels in a mysterious tower, where rumors are said to hide untold wealth. But to gain access to the treasures only players who can demonstrate not a hefty intellect in the process of passing ingenious puzzles and insidious trials are able to access.

Cheating Tom 4 - Hair Stylist Wannabe - Meet the continuation of the adventures of the boyfriend Tom, who is famous for his irrepressible energy and the desire to constantly make all sorts of leprosy. This time, the protagonist is going to try his abilities and talents in the sphere of professional hairdressers.

Stylist Girl - Make Me Gorgeous! - casual Android project, the target audience of which are little girls who are known to adore dressing up and using makeup, imitating adult women. The novelty is designed to reveal the creative potential of small fashionistas, giving them a wide choice of exclusive outfits, as well as opportunities to change the types of the main character.

Planet Bash is a casual Android project, which first of all will attract attention to the adherents of chaos, rock music and insane gameplay. In addition to all of the above, the arcade can boast of not a standard graphics with the predominance of pixel stylistics, intuitive control and distinct storyline. Events take place on Earth's orbit, and the gamer will control the Moon.

Sweet Baby Girl Beauty Salon 3 - oriented to the younger age-old Android audience casual game from the guys from TutoTOONS, in which little girls will be able to do their favorite thing - to bring their appearance in an ideal state.

Be Beautiful Salon - Top Beauty Procedures Game - a casual Android simulator in which under the full control of the gamer comes the beauty salon, but not simply, but automated, which imposes a number of features on the gameplay. To make it easier for users to understand what is required of them, detailed training is provided.

City Skater - Rule the Skate Park! - a casual arcade on the sports theme from the studio Coco Play By TabTale, capable of capturing its versatile gameplay of mostly small users, as it is targeted specifically at this age category. We have to manage a young lady, who leads an active lifestyle and spends her free time skating.

Gymnastics Superstar - Get a Perfect 10! - a colorful Android game, mostly focused on girls who are dreaming of a professional gymnastic career. Guys from Coco Play By TabTale specialize in children's casual projects, so you can not doubt that small users will find in this novelty a lot of opportunities to realize their talents.



Cavefall is a casual Android arcade game, in which some RPG elements are introduced, and the gameplay involves managing a protagonist that descends down a deep mysterious cave. In a company with a young adventurer, the user will have to make a dangerous descent into the earth's interior, the purpose of which is to collect precious stones in order to ensure not only their own well-being, but also the comfortable existence of the entire clan.

We present to your attention a new Android arcade of hardcore complexity from the studio of Roman Lensky, the main protagonists of which are cool monkeys. The gameplay of the project involves moving the gamer heroes along the playing field so that the stone slabs descending from above can safely pass between them, although the monkeys are close enough to each other.