This game tells you a touching and kind story that happened to the lovely dragon after his decision to find new loyal friends. However, after wandering around the surrounding lands, the protagonist was never able to carry out his plans, since all the creatures who came across him rejected his friendship, since he was pretty ugly in appearance.

Masha and the Bear Games for Girls: Cleaning in the House - a casual and casual Android game with a set of fascinating mini-games, the main character of which is a little girl named Masha, who is familiar with those who watched the domestic series "Masha and the Bear." Based on the name, it immediately becomes clear that gamers are to be cleaned up.

Kids Broken Party! - an interactive children's game from the studio Hippo Kids Games, the main character of which is a small hippopotamus named Gippi, who loves playing, mischievous, and in passing to explore the world around him for new things and phenomena. Gippy will tell small gamers a lot of exciting stories, giving them a modern look and unique chords.

Fixics, Dream House, Memories is a puzzle for the smallest Android users, in which they can not only pass unpretentious logical mini-games, but also take part in decorating the residence of popular cartoon characters. Fixiki - an educational domestic series, which opens before the kids a lot of interesting in different life spheres.

Puppy Line is a logical Android game for the smallest users that will develop spatial thinking and the ability to find the only correct way, bypassing traps and fulfilling the main goal. So, users have to help to get to the house of nice pets, mostly kittens and puppies.

Rhythm and Bears - an application for the youngest users, which is both an interactive game story, and a musical simulator, which will certainly interest the target audience.

AstroTails: Escape the Sun - a logical Android game, aimed at the smallest users, the story of which tells of a distant planet. So, its inhabitants because of the impending apocalypse, it is urgent to evacuate to the orbital station, where you can either wait out the catastrophe, or go to look for a new home.

Pony creator v3 is not just another game application for children's audiences, it's a full-fledged editor in which any user can create a unique character, namely a pony from the popular cartoon My Little Pony. After launching the application, the gamer will see the standard Pony, which he will transform at will, using the available tools.

My Pocket Pony is a casual and casual Android simulator, the main character of which is the charming big-eyed pony. According to the story, a small helpless pony was thrown at the doors of our virtual home, and we are to become a kind of parent for the baby to grow and bring up a healthy animal.

The Dazzlings (The Sirens) is a children's casual Android arcade with elements of a simulator that is nothing more than a simple "changing room" where little girls (namely, the app designed for them) will be able to dress and dress up available heroines.