In this puzzle game you control a funny frog. Travel through unfamiliar terrain, overcome obstacles to reach the end of the level. There are a total 35 levels, all of them open at once.
Puzzle game where you have to destroy the balls scattered around. Use dynamite, acceleration and deceleration. The game has many levels, and several modes of difficulty.
Control the ball with the help of the platform, and do not let him fall. Shoot down the blocks, earn points, get a variety of bonuses and performance improvement.

You need to break all the pixels before they collapse. Control is performed using the accelerometer, touch screen, or pressing buttons.

- Your task is to clear the playing field of blocks. They disappear when put together blocks of the same color.
Move the platform with the ball, destroy the blocks and earn points.
The game is very similar to Zuma. Destroy the colored balls so they do not fall into the pocket.
Collect balls of the same color in the lines, and destroy them. For this you will earn points. But be careful, because the movement of the balls affect your device. They may fall down and form new combinations.
Take part in village races without rules on lawn mowers! You should by all means to interfere with their rivals: they throw eggs, tomatoes, and other items.
In this mini-race, you can compete in 16 different tracks. Pick the one of 8 cars or unlock new ones.