Cartoon City 2: Farm to Town - turn a small village into a developed megalopolis, using for this a number of available gaming opportunities and tactical talents. Develop modern infrastructure, ennoble the streets, build residential and industrial facilities, in short, make sure that everyone in your virtual administrative unit feels the care and attention of the mayor.

Super farm - this mobile Android farm from its many colleagues is different in that it offers a gamer to manage the actions of a variety of main characters, and, depending on the choice, the locations and assignments change.

FF3: American Pie - the next part of the popular game series, which although it is a farm, but thanks to the large number and variety of elements used, it is possible to notice both the arcade and the strategy. The plot takes the gamer to one small farm, lost somewhere in North America, which he will develop to the extent profitable in all respects production.

Pokemon: Magikarp Jump - fans of pocket monsters, for sure, know such a weak and by and large useless Pokemon, like Magiccarp. So, he is the main character of this game novelty from The Pokemon Company.

Alpaca World HD + - a cool simulator of a cute and cute animal from South America - Alpaca. By and large, this is not just a simulator, it is a virtual farm for breeding these domestic cloven-hoofed animals. So, at your discretion, run a miniature, but very functional farm, where you have everything you need to grow alpaca.

Paradise Farm: Lucky Island is another Android farm simulator with a thoughtful gameplay and a lot of perspectives for creating and expanding an ideal farm in a magnificent natural setting. Bring to prosperity, drowning in the greenery of the island will not be so easy, even if you have repeatedly played projects of this format.

The Flying Farm - similar to Android farms, you probably have not seen yet, in the first place this statement is true in relation to its graphic design. So, the head of the farm is Dr. Barney, who has not left the village toilet for several hours, and no one knows the reasons for this behavior.

Totem Story Farm is an adventure simulator with elements of strategy that will send you to a blooming island. According to the story, young archaeologists Jane and Martin, during their journey through new lands, discovered an ancient totem that sent them to the distant past, in those ancient times when the island was inhabited by aborigines.

Harvest Farm - another Android farm, offering gamers to maximize cash income from his infield. Tasks are standard, as, indeed, and the means of achieving them. Prepare the soil are planted crops, water, treat fertilizers

Cat Tom - the famous mischievous and handsome, for the first time decided to go on a summer vacation in a summer camp in my life. And there, in the company of new friends, the main character is going to be a frolic or even enter into a confrontation with the inhabitants of the neighboring camp.