Heroes DotA Defense - you will manage a team of brave characters and escort them to the wonderful game world in which the characters find many intense battles with various opponents.

Army of Pixels - create your pixel army of those present in the game of combat units. Face to face with many of the enemy armies and participate in their intense battles.

Ancient Empire: Strike Back - bring to your attention a new Android-step strategy that offers users to go to a distant country called chivalrous Thorin, is currently located on the verge of division and destruction.

Card of Legends: Random Defense - another Android game card, which contains the defensive elements. In the story of the game want to attack your kingdom cruel and powerful orcs do not let the enemy capture

Dino On Fire - present to you the high quality Android strategy, performed in colorful graphics. According to the plot of the game, many people were convinced that the dinosaurs became extinct a long time ago

Zombie vs Vegetable - Android adventure game in which you will act on the side of a variety of vegetables, and fight the army of zombies. At your disposal a large number of soldiers - plants

Beasts Battle - Create an invincible army of powerful monsters, explore step by step game universe and defeat the terrible enemy leaders in the new Android strategy with RPG elements.

Forest Defense 2: Ancients War - the second part of an exciting Android strategy, in which the user will have to defend a wonderful forest from destruction. Demonstrate your strategic abilities

Dark Breakers: Armageddon - the world is waiting for you after the apocalypse, which is full of violence, murder and looting. The world understands that only brute force, which necessarily must be demonstrated

Tiny Conquerors - this game Android app beautifully combines elements of RPG and strategy, and enables users to choose for themselves the role of conqueror and ruler.