Puzzles for children - we present to your attention a colorful package of puzzles, aimed at the children's audience. Once in the menu, you will see a lot of thematic pictures that need to be collected from disparate elements.

One of the favorite activities to relieve stress is the collection of puzzles, besides this activity develops logic, memory and spatial thinking. On the shelves of Google Play you can find a great many puzzles, dedicated to a wide range of topics and targeted at users of different age categories.

Paranormal Escape 2 - take a direct part in the investigation step by step and a string of mysterious incidents of brutal murders. Look for the evidence required for clues and hidden objects, solve cunning puzzles and riddles.

Jigsaw Puzzle Epic - before you puzzle that contains 800 high-quality images related to different topics. The user also has the ability to capture images from the puzzles present on his mobile device.

Puzzles with Smeshariki - fun and instructive game for Android users of preschool and early school age. In total, the application is available three degrees of difficulty, from which is

Truck Puzzles: Kids Puzzles - a fascinating puzzle for young users. There is a variety of a dozen vehicles. Management is quite simple, you need to choose a car and start collecting puzzle

MYSTERIES OF THE OCEAN puzzle - all well-known and deservedly popular board game in the puzzle now appeared on the Android mobile devices. Now it's incredibly colorful and fascinating

Thoroughbred game - most recently, a new game development studio projects for the platform Android, though it is only engaged in the creation of projects, puzzles that are sure to please

Kids Animal Preschool Puzzle L - CFC sro developers have tried their best and created the perfect cognitive gaming app for young people. In this game, kids can collect puzzle

Cute puzzle for Android devices from the studio G8y3e Games. Moon Puzzle - a simple and intuitive interface, a large number of high-quality images for further collection and several modes of difficulty - from basic 4 × 3 and 13 × 9 hardest!