Pixel Starships - Android space strategy with elements of the simulator, the purpose of which is to build its base and battles with users from around the world. From the plot we learn that the protagonist was born eighteen years ago on a small planet.

A Planet of Mine - beautifully designed Android strategy for space themes, endowed with a gameplay that is not quite usual for this genre. The game starts with the colonization and the gradual capture of the vast territories one of the promising in terms of resource extraction of the planets.

Subdivision Infinity - a spectacular action performed in the setting of space battles, which attracts a beautiful graphic design, intuitive control and a good storyline. As a hired fighter under the name Rebel-1, the user has to make a trip to the neighboring galaxy, and the destination is a mining base operating in an automatic mode.

Kosmik Revenge - Retro Arcade Shoot 'Em Up - the enemy at the gate, hordes of aggressive aliens already in full swing attack the far reaches of the galaxy, getting closer and closer to your home planet. In the arsenal of the aggressor and a small brisk fighter, capable of causing a small but noticeable damage, and formidable storm troopers, which can only be stopped by the heavy fire from all the guns.

Rocket Rumble - Android space strategy, which provides for both the user's format and multiplayer mode, which, naturally, is much more interesting and fuller in terms of functionality. In principle, everything is pretty standard and expected - we create our fleet from available ships and go to protect our borders, making regular sorties to capture new galactic territories.

Space Frontier - a casual game that can be addictive from the "prolific" to similar mobile entertainment studio Ketchapp, whose gameplay involves the launch of space rockets with a long and safe journey. So, each level is a chance to send into space a rocket with a different number of steps.

GALAK-Z: Variant Mobile - space Android action game, which gameplay involves fierce battles of people with an alien aggressor, and the user has to take in all this directly involved. Act as a pilot of a large combat starship, or try your hand at handling a giant robot.

Starfight Arena - multiplayer battles on space fighters, the gameplay of which is fleeting and guarantees a lot of positive emotions. EcoTech guys say that users are waiting for a fast gameplay, without boring compulsory training, complex missions and lengthy sessions.

Valerian: City of Alpha - well-known and very successful developer - studio Spil Games, presents to your attention a space strategy, according to the story of which, under the full control of the user enters a huge intergalactic megacity.

Star Combat - we suggest you go to near-earth orbit to enter into confrontation with numerous enemies, controlling a powerful and fast spaceship carrying various weapons on board.