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PLAYMOBIL Polizei - the scourge of your hometown is a local crime, and news television broadcasts regularly report on the excesses of criminal elements. Urgently need to do something, and we suggest that you control the city police, which is the main argument in the criminal war. According to the genre, this game novelty from Geobra Brandstatter Stiftung Co.KG belongs to a three-dimensional runner, in which you have the role of a brave guardian of order, which is a real thunderstorm of the underworld. Persecute the intruders, arrest them and send them to places not so remote, where the bottom will have time to reflect on their further behavior. In words, of course, it sounds much simpler than in reality, as the criminal elements are in no hurry to get behind bars and will try to escape you. Immediately after the launch of the application, it remains for you to choose the vehicle, it can be a car, a quad bike, a motorcycle and so on, after which you will find yourself on a route consisting of four dedicated lanes. And ahead there will be a vehicle of the malefactor who literally five minutes ago has made the next crime. Go to the chase and put the handcuffs on the wrists of the criminal element. The opponent you can either ram, or try to push out on the obstacles standing on the road, the main thing is to stop the criminal, and then there is the matter of technology. Graphically, the project is made in the style of LEGO, therefore, first of all it will be of interest to the children's audience, and the complexity is not too high, so even the smallest child can speak on the side of the police representative.


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