Icy Drifter

Arcade On agility


Icy Drifter is not exactly the usual implementation of drift from the Koen Schouten studio, in which, although a miniature car takes part, it will not move along an asphalt road, but across a huge ice field. The task of the user is to pass steep turns with simultaneous performance of spectacular slalom tricks. The longer you stay in this mode, the more points you earn as a result. It should also be warned that if a vehicle collides with boulders, ice begins to crack at the seams, which increases the chance to go underwater. In addition to obstacles located on the surface, there are a number of other unpleasant moments. So, the ice floe has quite distinct contours, and around the boundless water basin you can easily find yourself in it without having had time to turn around at the edge. Problems are also added and polynyas, crouching in which you can put a cross on the record. Another strict condition of the gameplay - skirting the stones is allowed only one way, which complicates the already not simple gameplay. Some sort of pointers of the necessary direction are the fish floating under the ice. By the way, sometimes they jump out to the surface, and their collection will give the user additional points, do not miss this opportunity. Management in the project Icy Drifter is implemented using standard tapes on the two side of the screen of the mobile Android gadget. Since the surface of the playing field is insanely slippery, it is necessary to change the trajectory of the miniature vehicle in advance - the physics in this case is realized simply superbly.
Icy Drifter
general information
Тип файла: apk
The size: 29.04 MB
Version: 0
date of download 2017-07-25
Android 0+
New in this version
-Bug Fixes
-Added shop
-Added multiple car skins
-Car's been made faster
-New Melt-Down mode
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